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About Us

ATEQ Consulting always has your needs in focus
  • We thrive on listening to our clients, interpreting their needs and providing solutions to their challenges.

  • All too often, consultants strive to deliver services and associated deliverables that are technically competent, however simply fail to “Answer The Exam Question”.  At ATEQ Consulting we have adopted a guiding principle that support to our clients focusses on their specific needs, with an end product that addresses those needs in a logical and structured manner.

  • If your programme involves a communication solution that needs to be designed, developed, evaluated or maintained, or if you have a specific problem in this domain, we would relish the chance to put your needs in focus.

ATEQ Consulting Team Ethos
  • Our team has many decades of relevant experience in the military communications domain and, during that time, we have demonstrated added value for our clients time and time again.

  • ATEQ was founded by Andy Dale and Tony Smith, both of whom have a strong reputation of meeting and exceeding client expectations.

  • With significant experience of the military domain, industry and independent consultancy, we are ideally placed to bridge the gap as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) between procurement agencies and solution providers, ensuring the best chance of success for your programme.

  • We have a rapidly expanding network of trusted associates from which we aim to ensure our client's needs can always be met.

ATEQ Consulting is committed to our client's needs
  • We are committed to making a difference to our clients.  If that means we have to deliver beyond the original agreed scope of our commitment to meet the changing needs of a programme, we'll do it!

  • We will only satisfy ourselves that our input has been a success when our client concurs and when we can see that this will make a material difference to the success of the overall programme that we are employed to support.

  • We aim to provide the very best resources to meet the needs of our clients, whether these be from our team of experienced staff or from our extensive network of associates. 

  • We will happily meet with prospective clients at our cost to scope the nature of your problem and discuss how we can add value.

Providing cost-effective, independent consultancy services
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